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Eostudy academy prepares many students to take the IELTS or the TOEFL exam. We prepare lessons for the students and trial exams that are previous version of the TOEFL or IELTS. This will guarantee their success with higher marks to guarantee their travel abroad to study.


Features of the TOEFL/IELTS course:

a-      Professional teachers from USA and Great Britain: –

To learn any language, you would have to practice it with a native speaker, that is why Eostudy chooses teachers with caution from American and British nationalities. These teachers have obtained degrees of various levels as well as certificated in ESL OR TESOL to teach English online for non-English speakers.

b-       Recorded English lessons: –

Our English program guarantees that a student will never lose any information that is taught in the classroom. Each class is recorded and provided to the students after each class is over to the student can re-watch the class for any lost information. The student may access the recorded video anytime to review, and see their weaknesses. This will help the student in advancing, completing homework assignments, or just repeating the information that was taught.

c-       Electronic Book: –

It is the formal book and curriculum used during the course in the form of a PDF file, allowing the student to get a complete copy after registration. They can obtain access to it after logging in and downloading it to their personal computer. They can go back to it during studying or use it to follow along in class.

d-      Downloading the program: –

One of the technicians in the technical department will download the program required to access the online class. They will also test it to confirm that it functions correctly.

e-      Guidance class

One of the Admins will complete a test class with the student to show the student how to use the program. They will answer any question the student may have in using the program or accessing the various tools offered. This will help them be prepared for the first class.

f-       Reminder through WhatsApp: –

Our team will send a reminder to all the students through a text message using WhatsApp. If the student is not present at the beginning of class, we will call to confirm the reason of absence.

g-      Admin: –

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