EOstudy is an innovative online English institution which allows students to study English remotely. The institute which is based in New York offers a comprehensive learning program for students who are willing to learn English and be able to fluently master the four major language skills: reading, speaking, listening and writing. Our students are evaluated by a team of experts, who contact them via phone and follow a systematic and scientific process to evaluate their speaking skills and listening skills prior to distributing them to different course levels according to the abilities in English language. They are then handled by a team of well-trained teachers whose English is their mother tongue in order to ensure the best outcomes out of the learning process. Our teachers are very considerate of the individual differences between our students and understand all the aspects necessary for teaching English which helps them provide their services with great excellence and care. Our education system consist of many components: First, the online courses that are given to our students via software that offers them the ability to communicate with their teachers through a live broadcast that allows student to engage with the teachers audibly and visually. These lessons can be revisited later by our students through our recorded lessons that serves as as a point of reference to the students and it helps the students to provide a feedback on their teachers allowing us to explore new way in which we can improve the learning experience and the education provided by our specialists. The recorded lessons also help our students who were not able to attend the classes to watch them at their comfort at make up for what they have missed. The conversations are also transcribed in pdf format allowing students to read these lessons carefully to maximize their benefit. In order to contain all of our written, audible and recorded content each of our students has a unique username and password on our academic portal to ease our students’ access to these materials. Our institution offers an online forum where students can learn English in any way that pleases them. We have four major categories for our courses: Starter, A, B, and C which greatly help our students have a rich and diverse learning experience that fits their needs and help develop their English according to their ability and interest. This online Forum allows student to access the courses with Arabic subtitles so they can further benefit from the English lessons that we offer and Enrich their learning experience and serves as a reference for our students. The material available on our online forum is widely considered as one of the best when it comes to teaching English as a second language. EOStudy institute is an experienced and well-rounded learning platform that allows people to learn English regardless of their experience and ability. Our well-trained, well-educated and experienced team are ready to help whoever want to improve their English. To ensure that our students get the best service possible, our restless multi-language speaking support team is always prepared to follow up and support our students whenever is needed at a very competitive prices!

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