Once the student is admitted into our institution, he will be given an opportunity to introduce himself in English with slight corrections from the supervising teacher. The teacher begins their lesson and introduces the topics covered before giving students the opportunity to engage in a conversation that aims at improving the speaking abilities by discussing topics that where either covered in the lesson or other subsidiary topics.

We use a contemporary way of teaching at EOStudy which allows students to attend virtual classes all the way from America via their computers. Our students have the ability to engage with their teachers directly through the live broadcast that we offer and the interactive white board that we offer to ease the process in which our classes are delivered!

We upload our lessons depending on their interest and their level which is to be determined after the level test that we conduct.

Each one of our students has the ability to go back to any of our recorded lessons and download the lesson after 48 hours of conducting the lesson allowing our student to maximize the benefit from these lessons.

We have a special portal for our student and each student has their unique username and password which are given to them once registered. The portal includes the books covered in our lessons and all the recorded lessons that we conduct.

For further info, please see the demonstrative video below:

arArabic en_USEnglish